Hello Dr. Zhao,

I would like to testify about your herbs and Acupuncture for fertility issues.

I was encouranged by the ones before and I feel to do the same to help a sister.

Before I came to you the doctors had ruled out that my chances of getting pregnant were to zero because I did not have any eggs, luckly I saw your clinic in the website and I started treatment...after three months of herbs and Acupuncture I got pregnant and am now a happy mother of a baby boy.

To all looking for a baby do not loose hope and follow the doctors instruction.

May Jehova bless you as you continue helping desperate women.

Thank you.

Dear Madam,

Am humbled to let you know that I can now walk without any help and sleep throughout the night without that intense pain I used to have.
I had suffered for a long time with Rheumatism which had affected most of my joints.

Your herbs really did help and I would recommend anyone suffering Rheumatism should come to you.

Thank you.

Dear Dr. Zhao,

I am grateful to the Chinese General Clinic and especialy Dr. Zhao. When I came for consultation and checkup I did not know I got to get cured of my Diabetis.

I am happy because after checkup I was advised on what to avoid and what to do during my medication with chinese herbs and acupuncture. The treatment though took long (eight months) I cannot regret and I can recommend anyone who has diabetis or any other ailment to visit Dr. Zhao's office.

Kenneth Kemboi

Dear Dr Zhao,

I cannot believe I am the one writing this email. After been bedridden for months.
I was suffering from kidney cancer which had left me bedridden. My friend Michael suggested that we can get Chinese herbs treatment, so he Googled and came across Dr Zhao contact. I booked an appointment and I started my treatment (that was two years ago). As am writing this I am full of energy and I resumed my duties without any medication.

God bless you Dr.

Elizabeth Cooks

Dear Dr Zhao,

I had a problem in conceiving and had tried different doctors? I even had an I.V.F. which failed. My husband suggested we try chinese herbs treatment, and we learned about you from the Internet and called in for an appointment. I was reluctant because I thought I would go for more tests and I.V.F. Luckliy Dr. Zhao did her own diagnosis and told me exactly what my problem was. She recommended herbs and acupuncture. I am humbled as I write this because I am seven months pregnant. I pray to God to see me through.

God bless you Dr.

Maryanne Kwamboka

Dear Dr Zhao,

My name is James and a client at your clinic. I came with men/weakness problems and you assured me I would get well in a span of one to two months.
Thanks alot because I am very ok now, I can ejaculate well and I can perform.



Hello Doctor,

Am so excited to share my good news with you. I am healed. Remember I came to see you in February 2014 with a host of problems. I had hyperthyroidism, high blood pressure, allergy and issues with my gut, which I had lived with for years.

I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2009 and I was prescribed drugs which I had been advised I would take for the rest of my life, soon after I was found to have high blood pressure which I was also told I would take drugs to manage it for life too. Long before that, I used to have gut issues but I was told I had a high metabolism, though I suffered because every time I would eat, I used to have cramps, and nothing seemed to stay long in my tummy. I seemed to be allergic to many things because I could not stay without taking anti-histamines. That was then, now am so excited to let you know that after coming to your clinic and undergoing treatment for almost one and a half years, I am now healed. I will recommend Chinese treatment for thyroid dysfunction, together with a host of other problems, because it has worked for me.

Thank you doctor Zhao. My prayer is that God to keep and bless you and your family always.

Best Regards,


"Am writing to inform you that, I went for my Thyroid test and the results are very impressive, there are no traces of Thyroid problem and I am so grateful to have met you in my life.

Thank you for giving me Acupuncture and Chinese herbs medicine.

Be blessed."

- Sejal

"I am a Swiss expat living in Nairobi and saw Dr. Zhao because of a fertility issue. After one miscarriage and two failed IVF, I was completely devastated and believed I would never have a baby. Dr. Zhao suggested a treatment for me, quite heavy (3-4 acupuncture sessions/week + medicine to take) and expensive, that's true, but it worked ! After two months, I got pregnant with a healthy baby. I am now 3 months and a half pregnant, and I am extremely grateful to Dr. Zhao for her work. I strongly believe that if I did not met Dr. Zhao, I would still be crying over my empty belly."

"I was about to send you an email to tell you that my baby girl was born! She is healthy and perfect :o) I will send you soon a postcard, so you can see a picture of her... "

- Andrea

"I came to see to Dr. Zhao after suffering for two years from Hypothyroidism. I was on thyroxin replacement therapy when I first saw Dr. Zhao. I suffered from repeated swelling in my thyroid glands creating breathlessness. I continuously felt fatigued and weak, unusually gained excessive weight, had bouts of excessive cold in my feet and suffered from muscles aches and pains. I also experienced a long recovery period from exercise. With regular Chinese Herbal Medication and acupuncture treatment over 1 year, I am no longer on thyroxin replacement therapy and I no longer have swelling in my thyroid glands. I have also experienced an increase in my energy levels, lost weight and my fatigue and weakness occurs less frequently. Concurrently to the improvement of my symptoms, my recent test results show that the levels of thyroxin in my body are normal without thyroxin replacement treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Zhao’s Chinese Herbal Medication and Acupuncture treatment."

- Emily

Dear Dr. Zhao,

Am writing to thank you for the care and support you and your staff gave me when I came for a throat cancer treatment. I started my treatment in the year 2008 . At that time I was very desperate, as I had attended several hospital in my country Uganda and felt hopeless. A visiting friend asked me to try getting treatment from you, but I was hesitant until she convinced me to come to Kenya and see you in Nairobi. I do not regret my decision because after treatment which took me more then a year, I have stopped my medicine and free of Cancer. I am writing this letter to you to show my gratitude.

May God bless the work of your hand.

Your patient.

Nabulobi, Uganda

“When I came to see Dr. Zhao a month ago I was suffering from catarrh – bleeding from the nose at night and in the morning, and sneezing several times when I got up in the morning. My hair was turning gray. All these symptoms I inherited from both my parents and I had those problems since I was a young boy.

When Ven. Bhante Wimala, my teacher, directed me to Dr. Zhao, I was very skeptical and not sure whether she could heal me because I have seen many doctors over the years and nobody could heal me.

When I first arrived at her office, the doctor held my hand and told everything about my health problems. I was shocked by her ability to diagnose correctly simply by listening to my pulse in the hand.

With her acupuncture treatment and Chinese medicine, my bleeding stopped in three days and I could sleep well. This was like a miracle. This is the fourth week since I came to Dr. Zhao and I am feeling well. I believe her words, ‘You will never experience bleeding or headache. You are completely healed.’ I was suffering all my life and expected to suffer for the rest of my life.

But Dr. Zhao has changed my life. I am grateful to her for giving me hope and health.”

- Waruna Senavirathna, Sri Lanka

“I am a lung cancer patient who first saw Dr. Zhao in 1997. At that point I had tried many big and famous hospitals to cure or control my problem but to no avail. I had given up hope because I had been told there was no cure.

When I started the treatment with Dr. Zhao, I didn't think it would work but one year and seven months later, I was cured. That was 14 years ago and still counting. My two children are both married and I have grandchildren. I am grateful for getting a second chance and I thank God. I do pray for Dr. Zhao every day.”

- Yang Zhong Wu

“When I came to Dr. Zhao’s clinic in early 2010, I was not able to conceive a child. Now I am three months’ pregnant and cannot hold my joy.

To be sincere, I had not expected the treatment to work within such a short time - four months. I could not believe it! Especially since acupuncture is new to Africa, this experience is a miracle to me. May God be with Dr. Zhao.”

- Warimu

"Am writing to let you know that I have recommended some patient to you hoping
they will get the same warm welcome to your clinic and get quick recovery.
I was a patient of you some time back. I was seriously suffering from Rheumatism and shoulder and back pain.

When I came to you two years ago I had suffered for about 4years with the problems without knowing somebody can help me to be well or it
could be treated. Your medicine and accupunture helped me to feel well again. After receiving treatment form you for three month I got getter. Still I am very much OK.

I am very grateful to you doctor. I hope you will take care of my friends with the same kindness."

- Paulo Irungu

Hi. Dear Dr. Zhao,

How are you? I am Jake Wang. I am writing this to thank you. I am working in Nairobi, Kenya. In November, 2010 when I was visiting a friend he told me about you. I am about 40 years old and I was losing my hair in the top center of my head. I was not very happy about that. Following my friend's advise I came to your clinic and got treatment for about a month. Miraculously my hair has grown back and me and my wife are very, very happy. I am writing this to express my gratitude. All the best to you Dr. Zhao.

Jake Wang, Nairobi Kenya