October, 2016

Talk at ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism in New York City


April, 2012

Kenya Medical Research Institute
Letter of Recommendation


February, 2012

Speaking at the Medical Research Institute of Kenya

Dr. Zhao Weijie was one of the special guest speakers of the Annual science and health conference in February, 2012. The conference was organized by the Kenya Medical Research Institute in Nairobi, Kenya and was attended by many doctors and government employees. Dr. Zhao spoke on Complimentary and Alternative Medicine: The Chinese perspective. The one hour and a half session included a talk, discussion and demonstration of Chinese Traditional diagnostic medical checkup.

Dr. Zhao received the invitation to speak from Dr. Kizito Lubano who is the head of the planning, monitoring and evaluation of medical research in the ministry of health in Kenya. The presentation was well received by the participants

Dr. Zhao speaking to the doctors and the government employees at the Medical Research Institute.
Some of the participants listening to the talk.
Demonstrating the Chinese Traditional diagnostic medical checkup.

August, 2011

Diploma to work in Europe

Recently Dr. Zhao Weijie received a diploma opening the door for her to practice some of her medical skills in Europe. Dr. Zhao received her diploma from the Academy Tradicini Cinske Medieiny S.R.O. (Chinese Traditional Medicine Academy) in Bruno, Czech Republic. She is now qualified to practice some of her medical skills in Europe as a Chinese doctor.

Although Dr. Zhao, who is a specialist in Ancient Chinese Medicine and has a PhD in medical science, is well qualified to practice in Europe she needs the approval and certification from the European medical establishment.