Dr. Zhao going through some of her old hand written medical books. These books have been handed down through six generations, some of them contain prescriptions that are unique to the Zhao family and not available anywhere.

Awards and distinctions

  • Listed in “Scientific Chinese – Talent’s Bank of Chinese Experts,” 1998
  • Award of Excellence, huaguo decoction, First International Conference and Exhibition on Ethnic Medicine, Beijing, 1997
  • Grand Prize for academic thesis, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, first annual meeting of the World Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 1996
  • Bronze medal, treatment of rheumatoid bone hyperplasia, Beijing International Invention Exhibition, 1996
  • Listing, “Who’s Who of Contemporary Great Figures in World Traditional Medicine,” published in Chinese and English, 1996
  • First Global Congress of Women in Politics, Huairou, 1995
  • National Women’s Congress of China, 1993, 1994

Dr. Weijie Zhao is a renowned doctor who uses ancient Chinese diagnostic techniques to promote health and wellness. Despite her formal medical training and a PHD degree in medicine, Dr. Zhao practices ancient techniques that were passed to her through seven generations of traditional doctors in her family. One of her ancestors was the personal physician to the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty in China. Both her father and grandfather were renowned traditional doctors in China.

Instead of using modern diagnostic techniques which require many tests and the use of advanced medical equipment, Dr. Zhao uses ancient Chinese diagnostic techniques to accurately diagnose her patients and treat them. Some of these diagnostic techniques and treatment methods are unique to her family tradition. Ancient Chinese diagnostic techniques are safe and effective natural methods. One commonly used technique is acupuncture; a widely accepted form of treatment in pain management therapy.

Over the past 30 years, Dr. Zhao has treated thousands of patients with serious illnesses such as Rheumatism (joint pain), Asthma, Diabetes, Gynecological problems, Heart disease, Infertility, Obesity, Hypertension, Stomach Ulcers, Impotence, STD’s, etc.

Dr. Zhao’s medical practice has a strong spiritual foundation. She was also trained in tai chi, qigong and meditation techniques. Her practice integrates ancient Chinese wisdom, and principles of body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Zhao is a much sort after speaker on meditation techniques that promotes wellness of the mind and on ancient Chinese diagnostic techniques that heal the body. Dr. Zhao has conducted lectures in Hong Kong and Thailand. She was also a past Professor of Hubei Province Oriental Medical School in China. Dr. Zhao currently resides in Nairobi, Kenya where she operates a health centre that specializes in acupuncture.


  • Vice General Secretary of the World Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Member of International Society of Licensed Chinese Doctors
  • Specially invited Professor of Academy of Chinese Medicine of USA
  • Professor of Hutei Province Oriental Medical School
  • China Association for Culture Studies
  • Thai Chi Master and Teacher